Dom Tatrzański EWA


the regions attractions

Perfect location

Dom Tatrzański Ewa is an ideal place to relax and a great base for those who like to spend time actively. We present some of the attractions that await you in the area.

Cinemas and theaters

Podhale is a region full of culture, art, and entertainment not only in high season. Throughout the year, lovers of various genres can find something they like here. It is worth checking the current repertoire of cinemas and theatres.

Cross-country skis and trails

See the Tatras and Podhale away from popular trails, in the wild, surrounded by captivating nature. Rent equipment, hire an instructor, or go on a ski tour adventure with your crew.
Kościelisko is also an ideal place for people who want to try cross-country skiing. It deservedly bears the title of the cradle of Polish Olympic athletes - runners and biathletes. Try out our scenic, groomed ski slopes.

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